Top 10 Dos and Don’ts Before Learning to Drive a Car

Gaadi Bazaar
02 Feb 2024
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Top 10 Dos and Don’ts Before Learning to Drive a Car

Table Of Content

  • Dos
    • Know the Basics of Traffic Laws
    • Take Driving Lessons from a Reputable Driving School
    • Practice Defensive Driving
    • Master Parking Skills
    • Learn Vehicle Maintenance
    • Get Familiar with Your Car
    • Have a Good Sleep Before Driving
    • Low-car-flow Streets Should be the First Consideration
    • Training in All Weather Conditions
    • Watch and Learn the Driving Skills of Skilled Professionals
  • Don’ts
    • Preceding the Driving Instruction with an Instructor
    • Driving without a Learner’s Permit
    • Neglecting Seatbelt Use
    • Using a Mobile While Driving
    • Ignoring Speed Limits
    • Driving After Drinking
    • Tailgating Other Vehicles
    • Overlooking Blind Spots
    • Rushing the Learning Process
    • Aggressive Driving and Road Rage
  • Final Thoughts

Unlike riding in the backseat of a vehicle, an aspiring driver has to take the wheel and drive for the first time. It allows the accomplishment of desires and the newness of assiduities. Nevertheless, it involves several duties and matters that are inevitable to pay attention to. The first thing you must think about before hitting the road is the essential dos and don’ts you need to follow to be safe and have fun.


1.Know the Basics of Traffic Laws

Before sliding behind the wheel, know the essential traffic laws and regulations.This includes understanding the meaning of road signs, the right of way, and using different signals.Having a good grasp of these fundamentals will result in more secure driving.

2.Take Driving Lessons from a Reputable Driving School

Lessons in professional driving are a mandatory step for you to take.Pick a decent driving school where certified teachers assist you in mastering the art of driving.A professional lesson is not only about the practical aspects of driving but also helps to build up a sense of moral duty and confidence.

3.Practice Defensive Driving

If you want to prevent crashes, defend your driving techniques and tacticsThis method involves predicting dangers, keeping an eye on what is happening and being ready for any unexpected occurrence.Defensive driving is not only highly beneficial to the safety of every road user but also significantly improves traffic flow.

4.Master Parking Skills

Parking can be a nerve-wracking experience for the newly learned.Train by parking in various scenarios: parallel, angle, and perpendicular parking.Acquiring a parking space is not only a way to increase your confidence, but it also helps you relieve stress in real-life parking situations.

5.Learn Vehicle Maintenance

Everyone who owns a car must be able to provide simple car care. Learn what to look for and how to check oil levels, tyre pressure, and other vital parts.Regular maintenance will keep your car running in good shape without any breakdowns.

6.Get Familiar with Your Car

Before you crawl into your car, take a minute to understand the steering wheel and other controls.Set up your mirrors, get the dashboard indicators right and have the location of crucial controls at your fingertips.The feeling of comfortable driving is the best part of your vehicle.

7.Have a Good Sleep Before Driving

Tiredness may result in unsafe driving.Be sure to sleep well the previous night before you take a trip on the road.Awareness of surroundings is the primary factor that allows quick decision-making and reaction to a changing situation.

8.Low-car-flow Streets Should be the First Consideration

Initially, start your driving practice in low-traffic areas.This offers a similar setup, except you can practice your abilities without the added pressure of rush hour.Start with less busy roads and proceed to busy roads once your confidence increases.

9.Training in All Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can significantly impact driving conditions and make driving difficult.Perform driving under different weather conditions, including rain, snow, or sunshine.This helps you to interact and be well-informed about the way of life in various areas so you can manoeuvre safely.

10.Watch and Learn the Driving Skills of Skilled Professionals

Observe how your experienced fellow drivers handle situations and try to implement their strategies or techniques in your driving.Be aware of their actions, how they manage different conditions, and how they control their vehicles.Experiencing others’ tales and perspectives may add to your understanding.


1.Preceding the Driving Instruction with an Instructor

Driving lessons are a must, and it doesn’t matter how skilled you think you are; you can’t skip them because your life is on the line.Although getting instructions from family members or friends is more accessible, certified driving instructors provide education and experience.They can give you one-on-one tutoring and thorough instruction.

2.Driving without a Learner’s Permit

Learning permits are a legal requirement in most places.Do not drive without using your seat belt. If not, it will result in costly consequences, such as being fined, facing legal complications and increasing your insurance premiums.The permit allows you to have a learner’s license, which gives you the privilege to drive with a licensed driver, thus creating a safe learning environment.

3.Neglecting Seatbelt Use

Seatbelts are your frontline defenders during an accident.Formulate a non-negotiable practice of strapping yourself to your belt before starting the engine.Not only does failure to fasten your seatbelt put your life in danger, but it can also result in legal charges.

4.Using a Mobile While Driving

One of the leading causes of traffic accidents is distracted driving.Mobile phones should not be used while driving.Please stop at a safe place if you must call or message someone.Several states have strict rules against using mobile phones while driving.

5.Ignoring Speed Limits

The speed limits are intended to guarantee the safety of all traffic participants.Observe and follow the posted speed limits.Considering the road conditions, maintaining a reasonable speed is necessary to avoid accidents and retain vehicle control.

6.Driving After Drinking

Drunk driving, which is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is not only against the law but also a hazardous act.The diminished reaction time and the poor judgment of drivers broadly fall on the shoulders of traffic accidents.Designate a sober driver or use other means of transportation if you are under the influence.

7.Tailgating Other Vehicles

Keeping a safe distance behind is what matters for steering clear of collisions.Tailgating is the leading cause of rear-end collisions and makes it impossible to take any defensive actions if the car in front of you applies the brake abruptly.Maintain a safe distance to have a buffer in case of sudden stops.

8.Overlooking Blind Spots

Blind zones are areas around your car that cannot be seen in mirrors.As a rule, do not forget to check for blind spots before entering traffic or changing lanes.This way, the risk of accidents with cars, which might be hidden in these spots, can be avoided.

9.Rushing the Learning Process

On the road to learning to drive, there are a lot of things to be understood.Take your time to move through the learning and gaining experience stages.Make an extra effort to grow your skills and practice regularly as you will progressively add to your driving scenarios.

10.Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Road rage is common, but you must keep calm in all cases.Avoid aggressive driving when you are on the road. Try to maintain the conditions for driving peacefully and respectfully.If you happen to meet an aggressive driver, keep your distance, and if the need arises, report the incident afterwards.

Final Thoughts

Driving is an art; mastering it requires knowledge, skills, and a sense of responsibility.By following the dos and abstaining from the don’ts, inexperienced drivers can establish a foundation for a lifetime of safe and exciting trips on the road.As a responsible driver, you take care of yourself and others.Therefore, wear seat belts, watch, and have a good trip!

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This Blog is very useful for me, thanks for the Article.
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This Blog is very useful for me, thanks for the Article.
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