Change Damaged Car into Cash!

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16 Jan 2024
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Change Damaged Car into Cash!

Table Of Content

  • How to Sell a Damaged Car?
  • Where to Sell Damaged Cars?
  • Should You Keep a Car with Accident History?
    • How damaged is the car?
    • Is the Safety Compromised?
    • Financial Viability
  • Documents Needed to Sell a Damaged/Used Car
    • Registration Certificate
    • Insurance Papers
    • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
    • Road Tax Receipt
    • No Objection Certificate
    • Loan Clearance Certificate
  • Wrapping up

How to Sell a Damaged Car?

Many people resell salvaged cars as good as used cars in good condition. It is in the details that you choose to disclose about the vehicle and its history. You can either list it on online portals that buy salvaged or damaged cars or in regularly used car portals like Gaadi Bazaar and inform the users about the car's condition.

Where to Sell Damaged Cars?

Junkyards: One of the most common things you can do with your damaged car is give it away to the scrap yard, especially if it is not running. You will get the money for the metal pieces and scrap from the car.

Dealerships: Some dealers buy salvaged or damaged cars for nominal rates. You must be mindful of who you sell it to get the most profit.

Private buyers: Many dealers deal with salvaged cars and vehicles. They purchase the damaged vehicles and their parts to repair and sell them.

Car buying websites: There are several websites and online portals that specialize in buying damaged cars

Should You Keep a Car with Accident History?

When your car gets into an accident, one of the biggest questions is whether to keep the vehicle or sell it. It is not always easy to sell your car with all the emotions attached to it. However, it would be best to always weigh the pros and cons before deciding.

Think about the following things before you decide to sell or keep your damaged car:

How damaged is the car?

Understand the severity of the damage due to the accident. If the repairs needed are extensive and expensive, it might be a practical option to sell the car and avoid the financial burden. You can always claim bumper-to-bumper insurance and get it fixed; the choice is yours.

Is the Safety Compromised?

It is always different to drive a damaged car with an accident history. Many things would have changed from how they used to be when they were new. In many cases, despite thorough repairs and replacement of parts, there could be underlying problems that compromise the structure and safety features of the vehicle.

Financial Viability

Analyze the expenses associated with getting the repair work done, the insurance premiums, and maintenance for a car in an accident compared to its market value. If the costs outweigh the car's overall worth, then selling it would make more sense regarding financial viability.

Documents Needed to Sell a Damaged/Used Car

As per the RTO, specific documents are required when selling a used car in India. This is to ensure smooth and legal transactions. These documents provide necessary information about the vehicle and establish ownership.

Registration Certificate (RC)

The RC book is essential as it is proof of ownership. It has critical information like the car's registration number, chassis number, engine number, and the owner's name and address. Make sure that the RC is in your name and updated.

Insurance Papers

Give the insurance policy documents to the buyer for a smooth selling experience. It confirms that the car is insured and enables the buyer to transfer the policy to their name or get a new insurance policy. This is an essential document you must keep handy.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

The PUC certificate guarantees that the car meets the mandatory emission standards. It is valid for a certain period and must be updated at the time of sale.

Road Tax Receipt

Keep the road tax receipt handy to authenticate that you have paid the required taxes for the car. The buyer will need this document to transfer the car's ownership to their name.

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

If you are selling your car, damaged or not, in a different state from where it was initially registered, you must get an NOC from the RTO. The NOC says there are no pending dues or legal complications related to the car.

Loan Clearance Certificate

If you have financed your car and paid off the auto loan, you will be issued a loan clearance certificate stating that you have fully cleared the loan. This is an important document to prove that the car is yours and is no longer hypothecated.

Other Documents Needed are:

  • Service History
  • Transfer Forms
  • Owner's Manual
  • Other Relevant Documents

Include documents like warranty cards, extended warranty documents, or any receipts for accessories or modifications. They add value and give a comprehensive outlook of the car and its maintenance history.

Wrapping Up

Learn all about selling damaged cars and how it's done legally in India before planning to do so. Research and learn the intricacies of the process. Understand the damage the vehicle has undergone – whether it is a light, cosmetic, structural, mechanical, or heavy accident. Keep all related documents handy to avoid delays and ensure smooth transactions.

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Deepak Raja
This Blog is very useful for me, thanks for the Article.
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This Blog is very useful for me, thanks for the Article.
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