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Gaadi Bazaar FAQs

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  1. How to register on
    Click on the sign-up link and provide some basic info to register.
  2. What information do I need to provide to register?
    To register on, you must provide your name, valid e-mail ID (optional) and mobile number that you are currently using.
  3. Should I be a registered user to access the complete site?
    Existing Chola Customers have access to the entire site. New users have partial access to the site’s features and functionality.
  4. How to modify my settings on
    After you login using your mobile number and password, you will be directed to your profile page. Click on the profile icon and choose edit profile option to modify your settings.
  5. How to recover password on
    In the login window below the login details, there is a Forgot Password link. Click on the link and enter the mobile number that you used during registration and click the Send OTP button. You will receive an OTP on your mobile. Enter the OTP and reset your password.
  6. How to change my password?
    After you login using your mobile number and password, you will be directed to your profile page. Click on the profile icon and choose “Change Password” to change your password.


  1. What is On Road Price?
    On Road Price is the price that you pay for buying a Vehicle. It includes the Vehicle price and all applicable taxes.
  2. What is Ex-Showroom Price? Does it differ for various cities?
    Ex-Showroom price is the price of the Vehicle denoted by its manufacturer. Ex-Showroom Price includes the ex-factory price of the Vehicle, excise duty, other duties and VAT. It may or may not include local taxes. The price can vary for different cities and even for different areas within a city.


  1. Can I get vehicle financing?
    Yes you can apply for all types of Vehicle Loans online. (Trucks, Cars, Bikes, Buses & Equipments)
  2. How to apply for a loan?
    On homepage, there is a section “Loan & Insurance.” Click on the “Apply Loan” menu. You can either apply for an instant loan by providing complete details or you can opt for a call back facility by just providing your mobile number, e-mail ID and pincode.
  3. Is it mandatory that I apply for finance through
    No, although we would for your benefit to finance through us due to our low rates and easy application process, it is your sole discretion to choose your financial partner.
  4. Can I track the status of my loan application?
    Yes you can track your status. Go to homepage and under Loan & Insurance section, there will be link “Track Your Loan.” Click on the link to view your loan status.
  5. Is there a top-up loan facility?
    Yes we have a top-up loan facility called “Vishesh.” You can apply for a Vishesh loan and if you are eligible, the “Apply” button will be activated.


  1. I am an existing Chola customer, how do I login?
    If you are an existing customer and visiting for the first time, please use your Chola registered mobile number to login. You will receive an OTP, enter the OTP to login.
  2. How do I view my loan summary?
    When you login you will be automatically directed to your loan summary page. Here you can view your Loan Agreement Number, Vehicle Number, Amount Financed, Loan Tenure, EMI & Overdue.
  3. Can I pay my EMI on
    Yes you can pay by clicking the “PAY NOW” button in the loan summary screen. You can either pay for each Loan Agreement Number individually or you can make consolidated payment for multiple Loan Agreement Numbers.


  1. Can I make a service request?
    Yes you can make a service request. In the loan summary page there is a provision to make a request. Select the type of request in the dropdown menu and submit. You can also track the status of your request.


  1. Can I check my payment history?
    Yes you can check your payment history. Once you login, in the loan summary page on the left menu bar, there is a link “Payment Details” click on it to view your complete payment history.


  1. How to upload listings?
    Only registered users of can upload listings. To upload, click on the “Sell” link. Enter the Vehicle details, registration details, Vehicle price, image details and contact details.
  2. How to upload vehicle photos?
    Before uploading vehicle photos, you have to provide the basic information of your vehicle like city, make, model, manufacturer, year and month of purchase, no. of owners, Kms driven, etc. To upload vehicle images, click the upload image icon, browse for images in your desktop/laptop or choose image if your uploading from your mobile via the GaadiBazaar App.
  3. Why upload vehicle photos?
    Majority of buyers click and express interest in listings that have photos.
  4. My vehicle is in Chennai but it has a Karnataka registration number, can I sell it at
    Yes, you can sell it on
  5. My vehicle is registered outside India; can I sell it on
    No, you cannot sell it on
  6. I have a T permit or commercial Vehicle; can I sell it on
    Yes, you can sell it on
  7. What are all the documents needed to sell my vehicle?
    To sell your vehicle on, you do not have to upload any documents. Just enter your vehicle details, registration details, vehicle price, image details and contact details.
  8. Whom do I reach out if I have any queries regarding ownership transfer after selling my vehicle? is just a platform to help you get buyers for your vehicle. It’s up to the seller and buyer to communicate directly and close the deal.
  9. Can I sell two wheelers on
    Yes, you can sell your two-wheeler on We have an exclusive section for two-wheelers.


  1. What is GaadiBazaar field inspection? Will I be charged for it?
    Vehicles Inspection is an exclusive feature offered by Gaadi Bazaar to sellers who want to get the best value for their vehicle. Those who subscribe to this service can have their vehicle inspected by professionals and get a detailed report about the vehicle condition. After inspection the vehicle will be tagged as a GaadiBazaar Certified Vehicle. This is a paid service
  2. Is it mandatory to do a vehicle inspection?
    It is not mandatory to do vehicle inspection.
  3. Should I book a prior appointment for field inspection?
    Yes, to get your vehicle inspected, you must schedule a prior appointment
  4. What documents should I carry for the vehicle inspection?
    The following documents are required during the inspection of your used Vehicle which you are planning to sell on
    • Original RC (Mandatory)
    • Insurance Certificate / Cover Note / Policy
    • Original Invoice
    • Duplicate Keys
    • Service Manual
    • Last Service Receipt
    • Extended Warranty Certificate (if applicable)


  1. How do you determine the price of a vehicle?
    Based on the information provided by the seller about the vehicle, provides the approximate price of the vehicle using Advanced Vehicle Valuation Tools & Technology.
  2. Why is there a difference between the online valuation and the actual price offered at the branch?
    Both online and actual valuation of the Vehicle is being done using experts in the field. While online valuation is arrived at basis the information the user provides, actual valuation is done basis the actual working condition of the vehicle.
  3. What are all the factors that the Vehicle valuation tool takes into consideration?
    The vehicle valuation tool evaluates basis the information the user provides about the Vehicle - Make, Model, City, Manufacturer, Year, KMS driven and No. of owners.


  1. As a registered user, will I receive the latest Vehicle lists and information on auctions?
    All visitors can view the vehicles listed for public auction. However, only registered users can participate in the auction. Registered users will also receive notifications on upcoming auctions and auctioned vehicles (state-wise). Based on the registered users’ interest, whenever a new vehicle is being added for auction, the user will get notified.
  2. How often does GaadiBazaar conduct auctions?
    The auctions will be conducted by the Branch Admins. The decision on when to conduct the auctions is left up to the branches. In certain branches auctions are conducted almost on a daily basis. Details of the auctions will be mentioned on website and notifications will be sent to all registered users of based on their interests.
  3. How does the auction work?
    Step 1: Bidding happens online or through the App.
    Step 2: The Branch Admin in charge of the auction will be the decision maker
    Step 3: The winner of the auction will be notified
    Step 4: Payment is collected from the winner/buyer
  4. How do I know if I have won the auction?
    Once the Branch Admin decides who the winner is, SMS notifications will be sent to the winner. The same will be available in the “Bidding” section on homepage under “My Win” section.
  5. Do I need to be a Chola empanelled dealer to participate in the auction?
    As a buyer, you don’t have to be empanelled to participate in the auction.
  6. Can I bid for a Vehicle in a different state?
    The decision to allow a user to bid for a vehicle in a different state is the Branch Admin’s decision. But yes, the user can participate.
  7. Can I cancel or lower my bid?
    No, you cannot cancel or lower your bid but you can back out from participating in the auction.
  8. Do I need to pay a fee to participate in the auction?
    No, you do not have to pay a fee to participate in the auction.
  9. What is the duration of the auction?
    There is no standard duration for the auction. The Branch Admin will decide on the timeline.
  10. Can I get a loan to purchase an auctioned Vehicle?
    Currently, we do not finance auctioned vehicles.
  11. Can I view and inspect the Vehicle before an auction?
    Yes, you can view and inspect the Vehicle before an auction. The auctioned vehicles will be stationed at a vehicle yard. The yard information will be shown along with the vehicle details. You can go and inspect the Vehicle/vehicle before participating in the auction.
  12. Is there a limit to how many Vehicles I can bid during an auction?
    There is a provision to restrict the number of Vehicles a user can bid. But currently it is flexible and will be decided by the Branch Admin.
  13. How much time do I have to pay for the auctioned vehicle?
    If the auction takes place between the 1st and 26th of the month, the winners have to make the payment within 2 working days. If the auction takes place between the 27th and 31st of the month, the winners have to make the payment immediately (same day midnight).
  14. Do I pick up the auctioned vehicle or will it be delivered to my place?
    You must pick up the auctioned vehicle from the yard. It will not be delivered to you.


  1. Why do I need a vehicle insurance policy?
    Vehicle or motor insurance is mandatory in India. The policy protects the vehicle owner against any financial loss arising out of damage or theft of the vehicle. The policy also includes cover for damage caused to third party or property. Vehicle Insurance is a must for both Vehicles and two wheelers.
  2. What are the motor insurance policies that offers?
    Chola offers a comprehensive motor policy with add on cover like, depreciation wavier and consumable cover.
  3. If I already have Vehicle insurance, is it possible to shift my insurance to another company on
    Yes, it is possible to transfer your insurance to another company on
  4. What are the documents required to buy/renew Vehicle insurance on
    The documents required to buy vehicle insurance are as follows:
    a. Invoice copy for new vehicle
    b. Registration certificate
    c. Previous insurance policy copy for old vehicle along with premium
  5. Is life insurance policy also available on
    Yes, you can buy life insurance policy on Chola has tied up with HDFC for the same.
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