Beml Bg605a



EngineBsaa6d125c1 Bsiii Cev127 Kw
Max Cutting Depth500 Mm
Frame- Front-section Modulus - Maximum:Box Section Front Frame , Two Box Section Rear Frames Are Of Steel Plate Welded Construction
Hydraulic System Pump Type:Four Gear Pumps Powering
Moldboard Blade Width:Box Section Construction With Wear Resistant Steel
Scarifier Mid, V-type- Working Width:1225 Mm
Scarifier Mid, V-type- Scarifying Depth, Max:390 Mm
Scarifier Mid, V-type- Scarifier Shank Holders Quantity:11
Tandems Height:Tandem Case Swings Up To 13" Assuring High Machine Stability And Positive Traction During Operation
Articulation Angle25 Degrees Left And Right
Transmission TypeHydroshift Transmission
Blade (max Lift Above Ground)400 Mm
Steering Range (l / R)40 Degrees Left And Right On Front Wheel
Gears Forward:6
Gears Reverse:5
Turning Radius (outside Front Tires)7.3 M
Service Brakes:Foot Operated, Oil Disc Brakes, Air Acutated On Four Wheels And Sealed For Adjustment Free Operation
Gross Vehicle Weight - Base - Total:15800 Kgs

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