Komatsu Gd705-5

gd705 5


EngineKomatsu Saa6d114e-3
Blade Range Circle Centershift - Right:1251 Mm
Blade Range Circle Centershift - Left:1250 Mm
Hydraulic System Maximum System Pressure:24.5 Mpa 250 Kg/sq. Cm
Hydraulic System Standby Pressure:3.4 Mpa 35 Kg/sq. Cm
Hydraulic System Optional High Output Pump :165 L/min
Moldboard Blade Width:4320 Mm X 700 Mm X 25 Mm
Moldboard -arc Radius:414 Mm
Moldboard -cutting Edge - Width:203 Mm X 16 Mm
Tandems Height:567 Mm X 226 Mm
Tandems Wheel Axle Spacing:1680 Mm
Tandems Sidewall Thickness - Inner22 Mm
Tandems Sidewall Thickness - Outer: 19 Mm
Articulation Angle27 Deg
Transmission TypeFull Power Shift Transmission With Integral Free Wheeling Stator Torque Converter And Lock-up.
Steering Range (l / R)50 Deg
Gears Forward:4.0 Km/h   4.5 Km/h
Gears Reverse:5.6 Km/h   8.8 Km/h
Turning Radius (outside Front Tires)7.6 M
Service Brakes:Foot Operated, Sealed Oil Disc Brakes, Hydraulically Actuated On Four Tandem Wheels.
Parking Brake:Manually Actuated, Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released Caliper.
Tandem Oscillation - Front Up:15 Deg
Tandem Oscillation - Front Down15 Deg

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