Beml Bg605i



EngineBsaa6d125 Bsiii Cev112 Kw
Max Cutting Depth570 Mm
Frame- Front-section Modulus - Maximum:Box Section Front Frame, Two Box Section Rear Frames Are Of Steel Plate Welded Construction.
Hydraulic System Reservoir Tank Capacity:70 L/min
Moldboard Blade Width:Box Section Construction With Wear Resistant Steel, Hydraulic Blade Side Shift And Tip Control, Cutting Edges And Side Edges Are Attached
Scarifier Mid, V-type- Working Width:1225 Mm
Scarifier Mid, V-type- Scarifying Depth, Max:390 Mm
Scarifier Mid, V-type- Scarifier Shank Holders Quantity:11
Transmission TypeHydrosoft
Blade (max Lift Above Ground)400 Mm
Steering Range (l / R)40 Degrees Left And Right On Front Wheel
Turning Radius (outside Front Tires)11 M
Service Brakes:Foot Operated Internal Expanding Shoe Type Air Over Hydraulic Brakes Acutate On All Four Rear Wheels
Gross Vehicle Weight - Base - Total:14700 Kg
Tandem Oscillation - Front Up:13 Deg

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